April 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor

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Have the courage to stand up for the truth where marriage is concerned

Homosexual marriage seems to be the hot topic these days. I think it makes sense to take a casual stroll back through the last 50-60 years to see how we’ve arrived at this point. The reality is that the seeds were sown back then.

Through contraceptives, the sexual revolution and no-fault divorce, this three-headed monster put this process in motion before I was even born (1974).

How sad it is when a family consisting of a mom and dad who are open to having children are in the vast minority. Oh how I wish our society saw the beauty of marriage between a husband and wife, and the sheer joy of having children and spending time with them!

Unfortunately, all of us have “blood on our hands.” All of us need to repent of these sins in one form or another.

So how do we get our culture back? Have we reached the point of no return? With God, there is always hope.

My hope is that everyone out there who supports natural marriage between a man and woman pray a little more each day, love their spouse—or the Church if you live a consecrated life—a little more, spend more quality time with their children, and pick up their cross daily while focusing on living a sacramental life.

It’s really not that complicated: Full surrender to God, humility, simplicity, etc. will give everyone the joy and hope we need to bring our great nation back and help us rise from the ashes of our present culture.

The reality is that this culture won’t last much longer. God is a loving God, but he won’t continue to be slapped in the face through our sinfulness forever. Sooner or later, he will put his foot down and say “Enough!”

I once heard it said that having courage is when you’re afraid to do what is right, but you do it anyway. Fear grips all of us. We need to have courage to do what is right and live according to God’s design these days.

Dear friends, have courage. Don’t be afraid to be politically incorrect. And rejoice and be glad when you do have this courage, for your reward will be great in heaven!

- Matthew Evans | Indianapolis


Where Father Tad is concerned, ‘truth is truth,’ letter writer says

Father Tad Pacholczyk writes the column, “Making Sense Out of Bioethics” which appears monthly in The Criterion.

Covering a variety of issues pertinent to our times, he clearly and intelligently explains them in the context of our Catholic faith. Columns explaining the ethics of stem-cell research, contraceptives, in vitro fertilization, end-of-life decisions and, most recently, of adoption by same-sex couples, bring us truth and direction amid the murky and distorted views of popular thought.

As is evident in some of the letters to the editor, some people take great exception to Father Tad’s writings and, more importantly, to the teachings of our Catholic Church.

Truth is truth, and Father Tad is the National Catholic Bioethics spokesperson chosen to bring us God’s unchanging truth.

We are most blessed by his vocation of serving God in this way, and blessed to have The Criterion publish his columns.

- Mary Casabella | Corydon

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