March 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor

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New Holy Father is a pillar of hope, patience and charity

Pope Francis is a spiritually interior pope of hope, prudent patience and compassionate charity. These paraphrased thoughts are at the spiritual heart of our new representative of Christ:

I care for “hope”—the hope of the merciful Father who keeps watch over the process of the hearts of his children. This caring hope is manifested and consolidated in the parrhesia of the bishops, who display this hope “without altering the Cross of Christ.”

I am pro-active for keeping watch for God’s people! All people are brothers and sisters. The Church and the countries of the world need to do what they can to make sure that everyone feels welcome, respected and cared for.

I will oversee the flock with a “look of togetherness,” caring for everything which maintains the cohesion of the flock.

I will hold up with patience the processes through which the Lord carries ahead the salvation of his people.

I will strive to maintain an interior spirituality which is more meek, more patient, and more constant in giving charity.

Long live this holy pillar of hope, patience and charity.

- Gary Taylor | Salem

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