September 21, 2012


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BARNETT, Barbara (Burns), 82, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis, Aug. 22. Wife of Donald Meyers. Mother of Diana Beal, Stacy Bucherl, Sherry Calloway, Robin Kark, Darcy, Donlyn and Ellyn Meyers. Sister of Sally Burns. Grandmother of 17.

CASPERSON, Catherine A., 68, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, Aug. 30. Mother of Anne Spicer and Nicole Casperson. Sister of Margaret Brannigan and Richard Pawlowski. Grandmother of two.

COOKSON, Jack Louis, 75, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, Sept. 6. Husband of Pam Cookson. Brother of Lourena Richie and Robert Cookson.

FREEMAN, William R., Sr., 76, St. Rita, Indianapolis, Aug. 14. Husband of Norma (Quarles) Freeman. Father of Joseph, Karriem, Richard and William Freeman Jr. Brother of Marie Saunders. Grandfather of six. Great-grandfather of seven.

GALLE, David, 47, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, Aug. 28. Husband of Jamie Galle. Father of Megan, Alex and Luke Galle. Son of Eugene and Rosemary Galle. Brother of Sandy Rohde, Cindy Wanstrath, John, Michael, Rick, Ron and Steve Galle.

KINKER, Lillian E., 83, St. John the Evangelist, Enochsburg, Sept. 5. Mother of Douglas, Robert Jr. and Stephen Kinker. Grandmother of two. Great-grandmother of one.

KLOTZ, Mary T., 84, St. Mary, New Albany, Sept. 7. Mother of Mary Applegate, Kathy Dezern, Rose Ann Klotz, Jeanie Samuel and Irene Schmidt. Sister of Helen Atkins, Alma Schneller, Margaret Shaffer, Charles, Raymond and Tony Korte. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of seven.

MYERS, Jason Michael, 34, St. Pius, Ripley County, Aug. 27. Husband of Tanya (Agapie) Myers. Father of Haley and Alex Myers. Son of William and Sandi Myers. Brother of Susan Hill.

NIESE, Eugene H., 72, St. Louis, Batesville, Sept. 8. Father of Eugenia Feiler, Eva Lunsford, Patrick and Thomas Niese. Brother of Sharon Lewis, David, Dennis, Gerald, Joseph, Robert and William Niese Jr. Grandfather of six.

QUATTROCCHI, Mary Jane (Krebs), 76, Holy Trinity, Indianapolis, Aug. 30. Wife of Charles Quattrocchi. Mother of Teresa Ann, Anthony and Phillip Quattrocchi. Sister of Jeanette Gandolf, Joanna Konechnik and Rod Krebs. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of three.

RIDER, Katherine F. (Burke), 94, St. Paul Hermitage, Beech Grove, Sept. 8. Aunt of several.

ROUSE, Walter L., 70, St. Rita, Indianapolis, Aug. 18. Husband of Domoni (Chatmon) Rouse. Stepfather of Jamila Barney, Dawn, Kenneth and Leonard Rhem, Kaliah, Simonna and John Woodson. Brother of Barbara Wiggins. Grandfather of 20. Great-grandfather of eight.

RULON, Jane Marie, 59, Christ the King, Indianapolis, Aug. 22. Sister of Elizabeth Keele. Aunt of several.

THAYER, Marian L., 94, St. Luke the Evangelist, Indianapolis, Aug. 24. Aunt of several.

THOMAS, Jimmie Dean, 69, St. Joseph, Clark County, Aug. 24. Husband of Clora Thomas. Father of Chad, Christopher and Shawn Thomas. Brother of two. Grandfather of five. Great-grandfather of two.

TIMBERLAKE, Frank R., 80, St. Joseph, Corydon, Aug. 23. Father of Trinita Piet, David, Jeff and Ron Timberlake. Brother of Judy Harbaugh, Garnell Melton and Paula Rainbolt. Grandfather of 12. Great-grandfather of 16.

TOEPFER, Linda, 58, St. Paul, New Alsace, July 27. Wife of Robert Toepfer. Mother of Joseph and Robert Toepfer. Sister of Ellen Bess, Susan Dunaway, Barbara Gooding, Amy McCathy, Sharon Shreve and Robert Gooding.

VERBRYKE, David Lee, 24, St. Mary-of-the-Rock, Franklin County, Aug. 11. Son of James and Karen Verbryke.

VONDENHUEVEL, Donald E., 81, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis, Aug. 23. Husband of Edith Vondenhuevel. Brother of Patricia Petersimes, Chester, Richard and Thomas Vondenhuevel.

WAIZ, James W., 78, St. Paul, Sellersburg, Jan. 30. Brother of Carl Waiz. Uncle of several.

WESTLAKE, Robert Douglas, 87, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, July 31. Husband of Jeannette (Nolan) Westlake. Father of Janice Blanchard, Dianne Dickerson, Mary Liz Hyer, John Nolan III, Wendy and Michael Westlake. Grandfather of 23. Great-grandfather of 24.

WILSON, Mike, 65, St. Paul the Apostle, Greencastle, Aug. 29. Father of Bernadette Wilson. Brother of Michele, Eric, Jerry and Reid Wilson. Grandfather of three.

YAGER, Aaron, 94, St. Mary, Rushville, Sept. 3. Brother of Alberta Neuman, Esther Nieman, Alice Nobbe, Alfred, Frances and Henry Yager. †

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