June 15, 2012

Meet our future deacons

Richard WagnerRichard Wagner

Who are the important role models in your life of faith?

I served as director of Our Lady of Fatima Retreat House in Indianapolis for four years. I credit the retreat house’s beautiful grounds, its loving staff—both paid and volunteer—and the faith-filled retreatants with igniting my life of faith. It was there that I paused long enough to hear what God had to say to me.

What are your favorite Scripture verses, saints, prayers and devotions?

My favorite Scripture verses are Luke 6:16-18 and Luke 24:13-25. My favorite saint is St. Joseph. Among my favorite prayers are the Liturgy of the Hours and daily Mass.

Deacons often minister to others in the workplace. How have you experienced that already, and what do you anticipate doing in the future?

I share Morning Prayer with several school staff members daily, and lead prayer over the public address system. In a weekly letter to the school community, I reflect on the many blessings that God has given us. I challenge parents to be a part of their children’s lives, and to take seriously their role as primary educators. I look forward to these ministries being enhanced once I am ordained.

Why do you feel that God is calling you to become a deacon?

I grew up in the Catholic Church and took the practice of my faith seriously, but I had the nagging feeling for years that I was not doing enough to live my faith. I have been blessed in so many ways, and now believe that nagging feeling was a call to serve others—to give back in gratitude for the many blessings in my life. When I learned more about the permanent diaconate, I knew that it would provide me with the opportunity to serve others and serve the Church.

How will being ordained a deacon have an impact on your life and family?

The formation preparing me to be a deacon has already had an impact on my life and my family. My wife and I have grown closer as we have been on this journey together. Our prayer life together has been enhanced tremendously. We feel we have answered this call together. †


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