May 25, 2012

Meet our future deacons

James MillerJames Miller

  • Age: 57
  • Wife: Evelyn
  • Home Parish: St. Mary Parish in the Richmond Catholic Community
  • Occupation: Retired U.S. Marine, retired technician for Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Who are the important role models in your life of faith?

My parents and my mom’s parents were the role models that set my foundation in the Catholic Church. My dad’s parents were devoted Quakers. From their quiet inner peace, I learned to be still in the Lord. In the last few years, I would have to say that Father Thomas Kovatch and Father Todd Riebe have been my role models.

What are your favorite Scripture verses, saints, prayers and devotions?

My favorite Scripture verse is Luke 8:4-8. My favorite saint is St. Joseph. Eucharistic adoration is my favorite devotion.

Deacons often minister to others in the workplace. How have you experienced that already, and what do you anticipate doing in the future?

A co-worker’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and he was aware that I spent time in nursing homes talking with such patients. We spent many hours talking about the situation and how he felt dealing with his mother. I will be available to talk to anyone about their problems or just be a sounding board for them to blow off steam—in a constructive way, of course.

Why do you feel that God is calling you to become a deacon?

I remember in the fall of 2003 when The Criterion ran the first article on the permanent diaconate, I told my wife, “I have to do this.” I spent a lot of time with Father Kovatch asking, “Why me? I am not worthy.” The more we talked, the more I figured out that what I want doesn’t really matter. It is what God wants for me that matters.

How will being ordained a deacon have an impact on your life and family?

I don’t think my life will suddenly change. This journey has been a steady growth, both in faith and actions. Father Riebe has been gradually working me into the various ministries making any impact minimal. In any case, it is doubtful I will actually get busier in the Church than my wife! †


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