January 27, 2012

2012 Catholic Schools Week Supplement

The joy of Catholic schools: ‘We can make an immense difference together,’ student says

By Katie Pankow

At our First Monday Celebration, the whole student body gathers in the gym to embrace our faith and to celebrate what students did the previous month to help those in need. First Monday is started with the usual prayers, pledge and birthday announcements. One of the greatest parts, though, is when we recognize all the people who did wonderful things for our community.

Some examples are when students have guests donate money for those in need instead of getting birthday presents or when a family goes to another country to help build houses for hurricane victims. This helps us realize that we can help the world individually, and that we can make an immense difference together.

To end First Monday, the middle school choir sings uplifting songs. The voices of the choir echo through the gym and remind us that singing is one of the highest forms of prayer.

First Monday is one of the countless reasons why I am thankful that my parents sent me to St. Luke the Evangelist School.

(Katie Pankow is an eighth-grade student at St. Luke the Evangelist School in Indianapolis.)

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