November 18, 2011

Letters to the Editor

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Teacher touched by video during Celebrating Catholic School Values program

As a Catholic school teacher since October 1980, the Celebrating Catholic School Values: 2011 Scholarship and Career Achievement Awards Dinner videos on Oct. 26 touched my heart.

When I first began teaching at St. Malachy School in Brownsburg, I was not a Catholic.

In fact, I had only been in a Catholic church once in my life before I began my teaching career at St. Malachy School.

I believe it was only by the grace of God that I was hired that October day in the early 1980s. The spirit of family and community changed my life. I joined the Catholic Church in 1984.

Holy Angels School in Indianapolis has a special place in my heart because, during the early years of my career, my fourth-grade students were pen pals with the students at Holy Angels.

The St. Malachy bus would travel to Indianapolis and pick up the students at Holy Angels. Then we would travel to various destinations for our field trip.

The students, parents and teachers clasped hands and prayed together. It was such a bonding moment for the students, parents and teachers.

I admired the spirit of Holy Angels. It was a wonderful sight to witness the breaking of the ground for their new school on the video. It brought tears of joy to my eyes.

After watching the video, I thought I was honored to experience the magnificent revival of Catholic schools.

Thank you, Archdiocese of Indianapolis, for the vision.

God bless.

- Beth Lewis, Brownsburg

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