March 18, 2011

Letters to the Editor

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Local Pax Christi chapter opposes Senate Bill 590

As a newly formed local chapter of Pax Christi International, we are writing to express our concern over Senate Bill 590 and the implications for immigrant groups who choose to make Indiana their home.

One of our priorities is to promote economic and international justice in the United States. Senate Bill 590 is representative of many anti-immigration policies and attitudes that reflect unjust positions toward citizens and non-citizens alike.

The disrespect for the dignity of the human person and the natural rights that flow from this principle are intensified through legislation like Senate Bill 590.

The United States has always been a place for individuals seeking refuge for economic and/or political reasons.

We advocate embracing unity and diversity to support those who seek a new life filled with hope and prosperity, and the ability to work and raise their families. We reject positions that are anti-immigrant, nativist, ethnocentric or racist.

Senate Bill 590 reflects narrow and destructive views that are anti-American.

We agree with the pastoral statement by the Catholic bishops of Indiana: “We embrace an authentic and enduring form of Hoosier hospitality that goes beyond superficial slogans to the heart of what it means to be a community of faith that embraces all who wish to share our way of life.”

We urge readers to pray and reflect on the full implications of Senate Bill 590, especially unintended consequences to all Hoosiers. We invite readers to log on to the archdiocesan website at

- Pax Christi Indianapolis
Susan Blackwell
Fran Quigley
Ed Fillenwarth
Valerie Fillenwarth

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