February 25, 2011

Letters to the Editor

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There were no letters to the editor published this week; here is the letter from two weeks ago:

Recognition of sanctity of human life is lacking in much of our society

Reflecting on the recent 38th anniversary of the horribly misguided U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision somehow permitting the destruction of innocent human life in the womb, I remain astonished by the extent to which U.S. abortion clinic “killing fields” are justified by the so-called “right of a woman to choose.”

On Jan. 22, two letter writers in The Indianapolis Star both essentially suggested that the baby in a woman’s womb is her property, and that she should be at liberty to do whatever she wants to do with it—apparently including ending its life if convenient.

One letter writer even went a step further, stating that the right to abortion is a civil rights issue, and to deny that right “has an unfair impact on women of color.”

These and other defenders of the elimination of more than 50 million babies in the womb since 1973 might reflect on the fact that the nation’s largest, taxpayer subsidized—and very profitable—provider of abortions, Planned Parenthood, Inc., eliminates far more black babies than white babies percentage wise.

Hardly on the side of the angels, this organization is very successfully progressing toward founder Margaret Sanger’s stated goal of eliminating the “undesirable” black population via birth control and abortion.

Unfortunately, recognition of the sanctity of all human life appears to be sadly lacking in much of our contemporary society.

- Dr. David A. Nealy, Greenwood

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