October 15, 2010

Catholic Evangelization Outreach / Matt Faley

Young adults bring life to our Church

As Pope John Paul II lay on his death bed on April 1, 2005, he could hear tens of thousands of young people singing to him in St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

Upon hearing the young people from his window, he uttered his last audible words, “I sought you out and now you come to me.”

After a few concerted years of labor, prayer and willingness of young people to answer Christ’s call, young adult and college ministry efforts in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis can start to share in the late pope’s sentiments—at least in some small way.

“Young adult and college ministry requires that we go out and meet the young adult community where they are,” writes Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein in his pastoral letter on Young Adult and College Ministry.

“It requires a selfless, life-giving mission to care for and cure young souls who have been formed by a world, a culture, which does not always have Christ at the center.”

While the people of the archdiocese continue to answer their shepherd’s call to go out and seek the community where they are, it is becoming apparent that young adults are stepping forward to seek the face of the Lord more and more.

One of the most tangible signs of growth in the ministry could be seen at this year’s Bishop’s Bash, which took place on Sept. 19 at Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary in Indianapolis.

More than 300 college students and young adults from throughout the archdiocese gathered for the second annual event, which featured a Mass celebrated by the archbishop, dinner, fellowship and the opportunity to watch an Indianapolis’ Colts football game on a big-screen television.

For Missy Brassie, a young adult active in young adult and college ministry who chaired the Bishop’s Bash, this was more than just a reason to gather in fellowship and fun.

“It is meant to be a time when young adults from all over the archdiocese and all walks of life can come together to celebrate the vibrancy that is characteristic of this time in our lives,” said Brassie, who is a member of St. John the Evangelist Parish in Indianapolis.

“And because the event highlights the many things that are going on in the Catholic Church for young adults,” she said, “it is also a time for the Holy Spirit to reach out and grab anyone who is seeking a deeper relationship with Christ.”

The Holy Spirit has a lot of room to work now as opportunities for young adults to become involved in ministry are flourishing in the archdiocese.

Close to 15 groups stepped forward to share their ministry opportunities, ranging from faith formation, service and missions, to name a few.

As the young adult and college ministry community continues to grow, one thing is certain—the support and prayers of the archbishop will always be present.

“I was really happy to meet so many more young adults,” he said about the recent Bishop’s Bash. “They love God and the Church. They bring life!”

(Matt Faley is the coordinator of Young Adult Ministry in the archdiocesan Office of Young Adult and College Campus Ministry. To learn more about opportunities in Young Adult and College Campus Ministry, log on to www.archindy.org./youngadult or send an e-mail to mfaley@archindy.org.)

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