May 7, 2010


Please submit in writing to our office by 10 a.m. Thursday before the week of publication; be sure to state date of death. Obituaries of archdiocesan priests serving our archdiocese are listed elsewhere in The Criterion. Order priests and religious sisters and brothers are included here, unless they are natives of the archdiocese or have other connections to it; those are separate obituaries on this page.

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BOEHLE, Dorothy E. (Lewis), 91, St. Jude, Indianapolis, April 20. Mother of Darlene Calvert, Leslie Flaherty, Judy Salts and Antoinette Susemichel. Grandmother of nine. Great-grandmother of 13.

BRAUN, Richard Thomas, 80, St. Simon the Apostle, Indianapolis, April 20. Husband of Mildred Braun. Father of Tricia Fox, Mary Heller, Kelly Schopmeyer, Nancy, Chris, Drew, Mark, Matt, Nick, Paul, Rick and Thom Braun. Brother of Margaret and Harold Braun. Grandfather of 40. Great-grandfather of 25.

BUSH, Daniel J., 57, St. Simon the Apostle, Indianapolis, April 19. Husband of Patricia Bush. Father of Michael and Steven Bush. Son of Joseph Bush. Brother of Karla Haxter, Cynthia Mosely, Joseph and Louis Bush.

DAUGHERTY, Thelma, 94, St. Andrew, Richmond, March 14. Mother of James Daugherty. Sister of Patricia Krasnowski. Grandmother of two.

DAVIS, Alfred, Jr., 80, St. Mary, Richmond, April 16. Husband of Betty Davis. Father of Jamie Smith and Brad Davis. Grandfather of two.

DAVISSON, Gertrude (Brill), 79, St. Mary, New Albany, April 24. Wife of Gerald Davisson. Mother of Linda Fowler. Sister of Heinz, Karl and Rudi Brill. Aunt of several.

FITZGERALD, Barbara A., 62, St. Matthew the Apostle, Indianapolis, April 18. Wife of John Fitzgerald. Mother of Lindsay, Tracy and Adam Fitzgerald. Sister of Mary, James and Jeffrey Clapp.

FUREY, Ann, 89, American Martyrs, Scottsburg, April 26. Mother of Mary Ann Kerrigan. Garndmother of six. Great-grandmother of eight.

GALLAGHER, Paul H., Sr., 78, Our Lady of Lourdes, Indianapolis, April 28. Husband of Carolyn (Johanningman) Gallagher. Father of Cecilia Crone, Joseph and Paul Gallagher Jr. Grandfather of four. Great-grandfather of one.

HARMON, Elizabeth L., 81, American Martyrs, Scottsburg, April 23. Wife of Donald Harmon. Mother of Isabelle Dale, Lucinda Johnson, Elizabeth Rosenberg, John, Robert and Thomas Harmon. Sister of Margaret Moore and Beverly Thallemer. Grandmother of 19. Great-grandmother of eight.

HERBERG, Janet M., 86, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, April 25. Mother of Joan Koenig, Jeanne Vogt, Joe and John Herberg. Grandmother of three.

INMAN, William, Jr., 84, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, April 24. Father of Jennifer Embree and J. Timothy Inman. Brother of Mary Ann Fiddler. Grandfather of three. Step-grandfather of four. Step-great-grandfather of 11.

KREIMER, James J., 63, St. Charles Borromeo, Milan, March 13. Husband of Irma (Silcott) Kreimer. Father of Cathy Hughes and Michael McCarty. Brother of Joann Rackley, Betty Smith, Bill, Bob and Darrell Kreimer. Grandfather of one.

LAWRENCE, Rita Marie, 80, St. Mary, Greensburg, April 20. Mother of Mary Humpert, Alberta McQueen, Loretta Suding, Daniel and William Lawrence. Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of 10.

MANN, Margaret (Schmidt), 89, St. Mary, New Albany, April 21. Mother of Margaret Beck Speaker, Mark, Robert and Ronald Mann. Sister of Bernice Banet and Dorothy Gettelfinger. Grandmother of 10. Great-grandmother of 17.

MESSER, Mary Irene, 81 St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, March 3. Mother of Robert Hyatt. Sister of James and Lester Bottorff. Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of two.

MINA, Aldo Salvatore, 77, St. Jude, Indianapolis, April 23. Husband of Ada Mina. Father of Angela, Enza, Maryann, Aldo, Anthony, Dominic and Gino Mina. Grandfather of 13. Great-grandfather of one.

NICKUM, Ruth C., 95, St. Mark the Evangelist, Indianapolis, April 23. Sister of Esther Biggs and Theresa Denson.

NOCKS, Wilma, 85, St. Charles Borromeo, Milan, March 12. Mother of Kathy Braun, Susan Ison, Janey Jenks and Michael Nocks. Grandmother of 10. Great-grandmother of 19.

O’CONNOR, Vera Irene, St. Patrick, Indianapolis, April 26. Sister of Kathleen Craig.

O’ROURKE, Sean Michael, 25, St. Gabriel, Connersville, Feb. 6. Husband of Keli (Archer) O’Rourke. Son of Timothy O’Rourke. Stepson of Kellie O’Rourke. Brother of Emily and Kyle O’Rourke.

SALEWICZ, Richard J., 61, St. Simon the Apostle, Indianapolis, April 21. Husband of Theresa Rae (Harvey) Salewicz. Father of R.J. II and John Salewicz. Brother of Edward Salewicz. Grandfather of one.

SCHILLING, Muriel H., 84, St. Agnes, Nashville, April 6. Mother of Barbara and Fred Schilling Jr. Grandmother of two. Great-grandmother of six.

SCHRIMPF, William C., 78, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, April 23. Father of Karen Kinning, Earl Jr., John and Patrick Phillips. Grandfather of 12. Great-grandfather of 14.

THOMPSON, Mary Carolyn, 78, St. Luke the Evangelist, Indianapolis, March 27. Aunt of Colette Scott.

TINDER, Eileen M., 91, St. Matthew the Apostle, Indianapolis, April 13. Mother of Ellen Dumm, Patty Stephens, Mary Ann Wagner, Susan White, James and John Tinder. Sister of Mary Jo Dearing. Grandmother of 13. Great-grandmother of 10.

TURPIN, Therese, 51, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), Indianapolis, April 14. Wife of Dale Turpin. Mother of Anna Therese and Joseph Walters. Daughter of Francis and Eliner Klain.

WESSEL, Dorothy I., 88, St. Mary, Greensburg, May 1. Sister of Clarissa Kist and Wilfred Schneider.

WRIGHT, Patricia E., 72, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, April 19. Mother of Kathleen Davis and Elizabeth Doebler. Sister of Sharon Roeschlein. Grandmother of three.

WUENSCH, Mary Shelley, 93, St. Christopher, Indianapolis, April 21. Mother of Nancy Buis. Sister of Lora Lee Gerbick. Grandmother of two. Great-grandmother of eight. †

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