September 12, 2008

Letters to the Editor

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When it comes to protecting human ‘eggs,’ let’s use some common sense

Recently, in the news, we have seen multiple bishops throughout the country re-affirming the teachings of the Church related to abortion and whether certain candidates should present themselves for Communion.

It is interesting that abortion is such a big issue. If common sense were employed, it wouldn’t be an issue at all, and our legislators and high office candidates would all be on the same page.

What do I mean by common sense? Well, you see, the fertilized egg of an eagle is protected by law (see the “Eagle Protection Act,” 16 U.S.C. 668-668c). This law does not allow the eagle “egg” to be disturbed in any way.

The “egg” gets the exact same protection in the “womb” as born/older eagles outside of the “womb.”

How can this be? It must be because the eagle egg is considered to be an eagle!

We don’t ever hear the question of “When does the egg become an eagle?” nor is it questioned in the law itself. It is a common-sense assumption.

The real question is why this same protection cannot be offered to the fertilized eggs of humans?

For those who cannot comprehend the need to support this type of protection for the human “eggs,” are they lacking common sense or is it “above their pay grade”?

- John Wessel, Aurora

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