September 5, 2008

Letters to the Editor

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Wanted: More volunteers to help put God’s will into action in flood-affected communities

I have considered writing for weeks, but did not. I read The Criterion article titled “What am I called to do?” in the Aug. 29 issue, and finally chose to write.

I live in Martinsville. My community, along with others, has been seriously affected by the June 7 floods.

It was newsworthy for a while but then, with so much going on, it became yesterday’s news. It’s easy to forget that many lives continue to be severely affected.

Some people are still living in campers or in one barely livable room of their house or, if they are lucky, perhaps with relatives.

I personally felt like I should do something. I even meant to do something. My heart was in the right place. It was the follow through that took a while. (Does any of this sound familiar?)

God’s initial “nudge or inspiration” to help did not quite do the trick for me. I believed that I was already committed to enough volunteer activities.

I reasoned that if God wanted me to do something, he would give me a sign. Well, I literally got a sign!

Driving home one day, I passed a small country church whose inspirational sign stated, “God is calling YOU!” I am now a volunteer disaster relief case manager for the Morgan County Long Term Recovery Committee.

My letter today has two purposes. My first purpose is to thank Catholic Charities. The organization has had personnel in Martinsville since the flood.

Everyone in our archdiocese can be proud of the assistance, knowledge and perseverance that the people from Catholic Charities have provided to flood victims.

Jane Crady is one of the angels from Catholic Charities. As the volunteer coordinator for flood relief in Morgan County, she has truly been the face of God to many.

My second purpose is to ask for help. Perhaps you feel like you could personally do something, and your heart is in the right place.

What are you called to do? There is still a need for volunteers to help people put their homes back together.

Whether you have time or money to offer, call Catholic Charities. From what I have seen, Catholic Charities puts God’s will into action.

- Anne McGown, Martinsville

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