March 28, 2008

Letters to the Editor

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There were no letters published this week; below are the letters from two weeks ago.

A prayer for vocations for all families

The Feb. 29 issue of The Criterion had an editorial and several other articles concerning religious vocations which struck a chord.

My wife and I had seven children—five boys and two girls.

As these children were growing up, we used to add to our grace before meals the following prayer: “… and may God bless our family with religious vocations.”

Well, it never happened, although two tried.

Instead, God saw fit to give us 23 grandchildren and two great-grand­children so far, so maybe our prayers will be answered from that group.

My wife and I still pray the following prayer daily, which we recommend. If it doesn’t happen in our family, maybe it will in someone else’s.

A Prayer for Priestly and other Consecrated Religious Vocations (especially from our family):

Lord, please send the Holy Spirit to inspire many young men and women to serve your people in the priesthood and other consecrated religious vocations.

Give them the courage and generosity to respond to your call, and bless them in the service of your people. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please pray—our Church desperately needs vocations.

- W.L. O’Bryan, New Albany

Abortion is a holocaust that we as a country need to address now

Another year has passed since the Roe v. Wade decision became law in 1973, and now 48 million unborn babies have lost their lives.

We’ve got to fight this holocaust.

I realize in 1933 in Germany that thousands of Jews were victims of brutal medical experiments, executed or died of starvation in Nazi concentration camps. And few people fought back because they feared for their lives.

But here in the U.S., we don’t fight those grave risks like they did in Germany. We merely allow apathy to prevent our involvement to end this holocaust of abortion. We look the other way while unborn babies are tortured and murdered by abortion providers in our own cities.

We have to reverse the consciences of American Catholics into action.

It’s good we had the March for Life in Washington, D.C., but we need more.

We need regular respect for life homilies, and a petition for the unborn at every Sunday Mass.

- Al Scheller, Elizabethtown

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