February 22, 2008

Letters to the Editor

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Archbishop’s immigration column leaves reader with lots of questions

In Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein’s column in the Feb. 8 issue of The Criterion, he quoted Leviticus 19:33-34 in referring to the Israelites as being aliens in Egypt and comparing them to the aliens we are dealing with here in the United States.

Did not some of the Israelites (Joseph’s brothers) migrate to Egypt and end up as slaves? And were they not kept in Egypt against their will until the time of Moses? Isn’t that a little different from the aliens sneaking across our borders today?

On page 14 of that same issue is the Church’s position on immigration reform.

When will the words “respects the right of nations to control their borders” be backed up with words to those here illegally that this is what they should do—respect the borders of this country? When will the Mexican bishops stand and be counted to bettering the conditions for their people in Mexico?

Also, I do not understand the last paragraph of the archbishop’s column. What “situation of our ancestors” had to be handled in the last two centuries that compares to what is happening today?

There are a few other statements in this column that also beg for an explanation, but I think many good, caring, loving Catholics would very much appreciate, at the very least, answers to the above.

- Barbara L. Maness, Vevay

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