October 19, 2007

Letters to the Editor

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Cruelty to the unborn is just as deplorable as cruelty to animals

Where is our common sense?

I just don’t understand how people can get so riled up over cruelty to animals, yet think nothing about the cruelty to unborn babies being aborted.

An example: Michael Vick, a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL, was involved in illegal betting on dog fights and, according to some reports, in the actual participation in the killing of dogs unable to fight. Now I don’t condone abuse of any animal, and I agree he should be punished for his involvement.

What I don’t understand is where is the outcry for the cruelty that occurs to more than 1,000 unborn children every day at the hands of a doctor under the guise of a woman’s “right” to kill her unborn child?

Somewhere we lost our common sense. I guess it was in 1973 when someone decided that our Constitution gave a woman the right to kill her unborn child if she didn’t want it—for any reason.

So why is this OK? Don’t unborn children have any rights? Just because they live inside their mother and have not yet been delivered to the “outside” world, don’t they have the same rights as we do? They are alive and growing. I just don’t get it.

The only way we can turn this around is to elect people with common sense, those who understand that human life is sacred and that abortion is wrong. We have to elect people that understand that cruelty to the unborn is just as deplorable as cruelty to animals.

Use common sense. During the next election, vote pro-life, and hope and pray that those elected use common sense.

- Al Scheller, Elizabethtown

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