June 29, 2007

Letters to the Editor

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Best priests are those who show love of Christ, not fear of Christ

I agree with the letter writer in the June 15 issue of The Criterion who said we need better homilies. But I believe they should not be homilies of fear.

The Church needs to bring the love of Christ to people through the teaching and example of Jesus. Spreading fear, damning people and in-your-face preaching, in my opinion, do not effectively teach the right message.

We need homilies that are engaging, lively and relate to our everyday lives.

People forget what the homily is about because the priest hasn’t been able to reach a person’s everyday life experience.

Priests should focus and spend more time on homily techniques and preparing their homilies. The best priests are those who show the love of Christ, not a fear of Christ!

- Patrick Kelly, Indianapolis

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