May 11, 2007

Letters to the Editor

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Government creates many of our country’s immigration problems

The children born here within our borders are our citizens and are our children. How can we abandon them?

They are citizens, just as you and I, and all who were born here.

So the question we must deal with is how do we protect our citizens, our children?

We can’t protect them by sending their parents away. There is no closer relationship or bond than parent/child, husband/wife.

How can we disavow our own citizens or tear them from the arms of their parents? We can’t. To me, this is the major problem to be solved.

Another problem, which the government creates for itself, is that it tells the Mexican people and their president to tell them, “Come to the U.S.” “Don’t come to the U.S.” “Come to the U.S.” Perhaps this is to get cheap labor for their rich constituents.

The third problem is the government sends to jail the border guards who attempt to protect our border. It says one thing and does another. This is a problem the White House and the government has created for itself and allowed to happen.

A White House which says it is above the law if it doesn’t agree with it—and government officials who say they are above the law—very likely sends the wrong message.

- Katherine Carr, Indianapolis

‘No business interfering with the laws of this country’

In the April 27 issue of The Criterion is an article about the May 1 march in Indianapolis defending illegal immigrants.

The United States has always had immigration laws to protect the people of this country. The need to enforce the law is probably more important today than ever before.

What right do non-citizens of the United States have to protest our laws?

Church leaders of any faith have no business interfering with the laws of this country.

- Frank Gullo, Shelbyville

(Editor’s Note: Church leaders are not attempting to interfere. In their pastoral letter issued earlier this year, Indiana’s bishops recognize that the current way the immigration issue is being handled is not working. They note that it is the government’s job to come up with a solution. One of the bishops’ main concerns is the pastoral care of the people here. Since we are children of God, they feel everyone should be treated with respect.)


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