February 2, 2007

Letters to the Editor

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Reader: Dioceses should cover immigrants’ expenses

I was so thrilled to read that the Indiana Catholic bishops are recommitting themselves and their dioceses to welcoming illegal immigrants.

I was disappointed, however, that there was no mention that they also welcome all medical, legal, educational and housing bills related to this issue. Surely, dioceses so committed would embrace all costs.

Shouldn’t Indiana hospitals, lawyers, schools and landlords be told to send all bills incurred by illegal immigrants directly to the Indiana diocesan offices?

Seems like the Christ-like thing to do to me!

Clare Burgun, Greenwood

(Editor’s Note: Nowhere in their pastoral do Indiana’s bishops state their support of illegal immigration. The pastoral calls for treating undocumented immigrants with respect. The letter from the bishops also states that immigrants without proper documentation “should be provided opportunities to obtain legalization if they demonstrate good moral character. Earned legalization should be achievable and independently verifiable.”)

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