October 27, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Reader disagrees with Church’s response to immigration issue

After reading the editorial with the headline “Catholicism is pro-immigration” by Dan Conway, I’m left with a few thoughts and questions.

Does Conway equate immigrants with illegal aliens? Does he advocate an open border in the United States, and suggest we do away with the Department of Naturalization and Immigration?

When my ancestors emigrated to this country back in the 1800’s from Ireland and Germany, they arrived as documented emigrees, sailed in to authorized ports and, after five years of residency, applied for naturalization and citizenship.

They learned the English language, assimilated into the culture, swore allegiance to their new country and led productive lives.

What most Americans object to is the invasion of illegal aliens who ignore our laws, sneak their way into this country with little or no intent of giving their allegiance to the United States, fail to learn the language and could care less about assimilating into our society.

For the criminal element among this group, they commit their crimes here then flee prosecution back across the border into Mexico.

Conway may want to investigate how the nation of Mexico handles the influx of illegal immigrants across its southern border. I’m sure they’re a lot more stringent about protecting their southern border than they are about respecting their northern border with the U.S.

As a Catholic American, I disapprove of the Church’s response in ignoring our nation’s laws as they apply to illegal immigration.

I agree with the congressmen who said that it appears the Catholic Church wants to be viewed as “politically correct.” And I do see a distinction between being pro-immigrant and anti-illegal alien.

-Patrick Long, Bloomington


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