March 24, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Wanted: More positive stories about priests

I read the article about Charlie Ressler and Father John Mannion in the March 10 issue of The Criterion, and it really touched me.

It’s about time that we have more articles about priests in a positive manner.

Thank you!

-Meghan Sullivan, Indianapolis


Christians called to care for poor and needy

This is in response to Tony Magliano’s column in the March 3 issue concerning fighting for a just federal budget.

Magliano starts off his column by saying that the government is of the people. But he needs to understand that if you want to put the government back in the hands of the people, he should be supporting the fair tax act, which eliminates federal income tax.

By doing this, it puts the money back in the hands of the people who can then use it to donate to churches to create the programs that Magliano feels will be devastated by the proposed budget.

I would like to remind him that it is not in the federal government’s charter to develop social programs, but it is in a Christian’s charter (to do so). It is, however, in the federal government’s charter to defend this country.

If we really want to support the poor and needy, then let’s put the responsibility for it back with organizations designed for that purpose, who can provide those services more efficiently, with less bureaucracy and more responsibly.

It is time we, as Christians, recognize our responsibilities in caring for the poor and needy, and quit looking to bureaucratic programs to do the work for us.

-Cheryl Pearcy, Greenwood


Get NBC affiliates to air ‘Jesus Decoded’

With The DaVinci Code coming out in theaters soon, the confusion that Dan Brown’s book has caused already is only going to grow.

The USCCB has addressed this issue with its own Web site,, which dispels the myths presented by Brown in his book and presents the facts as taught by the Church.

A television program, also called “Jesus Decoded,” has been produced by the Catholic Communication Campaign to be aired on NBC affiliates who are willing to carry it.

Please contact WTHR Channel 13 in Indianapolis (or your local NBC station if you’re outside the Indianapolis area) and request that they air “Jesus Decoded.”

The USCCB and the CCC have provided us a wonderful way to teach and evangelize those who may be confused by the myths set forth by The DaVinci Code.

Let’s get this show on the air!

-Chuck Abraham, Noblesville


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