December 2, 2005

Vicar general dedicates
St. Joseph Courtyard Mausoleum

By Mary Ann Wyand

The first snow of the winter season on Nov. 23 provided a stark contrast to the new blacktop roads throughout historic Holy Cross and St. Joseph cemeteries in Indianapolis.

Last summer, Catholic Cemeteries paved the small roads in the Irish and German cemeteries established in the early 1800s and located near the newer Calvary Cemetery on the south side.

Now it’s easier to drive by the gravesites in both cemeteries and park near the recently dedicated St. Joseph Courtyard Mausoleum at St. Joseph Cemetery.

Msgr. Joseph F. Schaedel, vicar general, blessed and dedicated Phase II of the St. Joseph Courtyard Mausoleum on Nov. 2 following an All Souls Day Mass at the Calvary Cemetery Mausoleum.

Faith is a two-way street, Msgr. Schaedel said in his homily.

“Faith in God is one thing,” he said. “God’s faith in us is another. There’s lots of talk about faith—assurance that Jesus Christ is our salvation. … On this feast of All Souls, we recall those who have died in faith. But faith has another side. God has faith in us. God expects us to believe in him, to adore him, to hope in him, to love him. And in turn, God believes in us. He loves us. He trusts us.”

God’s gift of free will means that we can choose to believe in God or reject him in our lives, the vicar general said. “He sent his only Son, Jesus, to show us the way. But God lets us make up our own minds. … God trusts us. And God expects us to have enough sense to be careful of anything or anybody that could conceivably lead us to betray that confidence. He does not force us. Yet God relies on us to listen, to look for him in our lives every step of the way.”

Christians should always look to God for help and be open to him for inspiration, Msgr. Schaedel said. “… Our faith in God is essential. But equally important is God’s faith in us.”

Jim Dawson, location manager for Catholic Cemeteries in Indianapolis, said on Nov. 28 that he is pleased to see the completion of the St. Joseph Courtyard Mausoleum, construction of new roads in Holy Cross and St. Joseph cemeteries, and landscaping on the historic and sacred grounds.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Dawson said. “We were able to complete the paving last summer, and it’s made all the difference in the world in the appearance of the cemeteries.”

Dawson said the crypts in the St. Joseph Courtyard Mausoleum provide the last opportunities to purchase burial space in the historic cemeteries. There are 318 crypts, and most are sold.

“The first mausoleum building that was completed a couple of years ago is probably 90 percent sold,” Dawson said. “The newest building, which Msgr. Schaedel dedicated on All Souls Day, is about 75 percent sold. If people are serious about wanting burial space at St. Joseph Cemetery, they should contact the cemetery office sooner rather than later.”

(For more information about the St. Joseph Courtyard Mausoleum, call the Catholic Cemeteries office in Indianapolis at 317-784-4439.)

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