July 29, 2005


† May the souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace †

BLOOMENSTOCK, Earl F., 91, St. Bartholomew, Colum­bus, July 9. Husband of Maxine Bloomenstock. Father of Sharon Ehinger, Cecilia Joslin and David Bloomenstock. Grandfather of six. Great-grand­father of five.

BOWLING, Robert, 49, St. Mary, Aurora, July 9. Husband of Carol (Tyler) Bowling. Father of Kristen and Michelle Bowling. Stepfather of Katie and Tyler Teke. Son of Faye (Smith) Bowling. Brother of Sandy Smith and Vicki Wolf.

BROWN, Rosemary, 80, St. Anne, New Castle, July 13. Mother of Gail MacKay. Sister of Martha Bailey and John Garvey. Grandmother of two.

CASHNER, Henrietta S., 99, St. Malachy, Brownsburg, June 29. Mother of Beverly Warner. Grandmother of four. Great-grandmother of five.

DAVIS, Ralph J., 77, St. Peter, Harrison County, June 29. Husband of Mary Martha Ditto. Father of Martha Ann Bennett, Mary Slotten, David, Jay and Pat Davis. Brother of Margaret Woertz. Grandfather of 12. Great-grandfather of nine.

DECKARD, Roberta M., 68, St. Philip Neri, Indianapolis, July 9. Mother of Nancy Dropple­man, Nettie Hinton and Marvin Deckard. Sister of Antoinette Broshears, Josephine Key, Anthony, Harry, John and Steve Jones. Grandmother of 10. Great-grandmother of four.

GRISWOLD, Josephine, 89, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, June 30. Mother of Sabina Connelly. Grandmother of three.

HALLAL, Jowdat, 65, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, July 15. Husband of Henriette Hallal. Father of Eva Rivera-Hallal and Tina Hallal. Son of Evalin Hallal. Brother of Zeckaria, Eli, Faris, George and Nadeem Hallal. Grandfather of two.

HAMES, John Frederick, 71, St. Michael, Greenfield, July 9. Husband of July Hames. Father of Jennifer Huczko, Jacqueline McGrath, Jeffrey and John Hames. Brother of Louise Whitehouse, Barbara Winkle, Betty Schieb, William Hall and Claude Hames. Grandfather of six.

HUBER, Paul, Sr., 78, St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyds Knobs, July 14. Husband of Rosalie Huber. Father of Debbie Harbeson, Gary, Mark, Mike and Paul Huber Jr. Brother of Cecelia D’Apice, Carol Greswall, Benedictine Sister Kathy Huber, Maryknoll Sister Rosemary Huber, Doris Wathen, David, Joe Jr., John and Norbert Huber. Grandfather of 11.

KERNEY, Dorothy R., 81, Mary, Queen of Peace, Danville, June 6. Mother of Dorothy Bowman, Anne Burd, Margaret Shaver, George, John and Robert Kerney. Sister of Mary Lou Tenbarge, David, Joseph and Richard Seib. Grandmother of 10. Great-grandmother of two.

LaPLANT, James E., Sr., 65, St. Peter, Harrison County, July 6. Husband of Doris Hoke. Father of Angela Stewart, Anita, Jimmy, Joe and Kevin LaPlant. Brother of Rosemary Roberts. Grandfather of three.

LULEY, Anne, 86, Christ the King, Indianapolis, July 13. Mother of Dr. Theresa, Timothy and Thomas Luley. Sister of Clare Lantagne and John Barnicle. Grandmother of four.

MARTIN, Donald, 72, Holy Family, Richmond, July 15. Husband of Mary Ann Martin. Father of Jane Scruton and Cathy Stranne. Grandfather of four.

McLAIN, Barbara B., 55, St. Pius X, Indianapolis, July 11. Wife of Robert McLain. Mother of Kelly, Kent and Kyle McLain. Daughter of Virginia Rasmussen. Stepdaughter of Donald Rasmussen. Sister of Susan Kravitz and Gigi Steinbock. Stepsister of Janet Ferris, Ann Maher, Bud and Greg Rasmussen.

PRAKEL, Mark Steven, 50, St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg, July 7. Husband of Carolyn Prakel. Father of Matt Prakel. Son of Margaret Prakel. Brother of Dawn Jane Rood and Tom Prakel. Grandson of Margaret Yauger.

TAYLOR, Frederick John, 76, St. Mary, Aurora, July 4. Father of Cindy Dibutera and Warren Taylor. Brother of Patricia Gabbard and Helen Terry. Grandfather of one.

THOMPSON, Kathleen(Cesnik), 61, Holy Trinity, Indianapolis, July 4. Mother of Vincent Thompson. Daughter of Mary Cesnik. Sister of Barbara, Anthony, James and Michael Cesnik. Grandmother of two.

WAGNER, Carl, 43, St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyds Knobs, July 13. Husband of Kris Wagner. Father of Megan, Morgan and Nicholas Wagner. Son of Richard Wagner. Brother of Patty Bathgate, Susan Pearson, Kathy Sommer, Daniel and John Wagner. †


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