March 11, 2005


† May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace †

BARBRICK, Mary Ann, 75, St. Gabriel, Indianapolis, Feb. 20. Wife of Richard Barbrick. Mother of Donna, Richard and William Barbrick.

BARTON, Mary, 91, St. Mary, Richmond, Feb. 16.

BERLIER, Mary J., 87, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Indian­apolis, Feb. 22. Mother of Mary Shalkowski, Donna, David and Tom Berlier. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of three.

BOEDING, Dorothy, 74, St. Michael the Archangel, Indianapolis, Feb. 20. Wife of Mark Boeding. Mother of Cynthia Christensen, Lisa, Randall and Richard Boeding.

DANIELS, Emma Pauline, 90, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, Feb. 24. Sister of Lillian Leahy.

DOERFLEIN, Edwin F., 76, Holy Guardian Angels, Cedar Grove, Feb. 25. Father of Barbara Cox, Cynthia, Frederick and Richard Doerflein. Grand­father of seven. Great-grandfather of one.

EHRSAM, James A., 44, Mary, Queen of Peace, Dan­ville, Feb. 13. Husband of Martha (Love) Ehrsam. Father of Emily Ehrsam. Son of Geraldine (Coyne) Ehrsam. Brother of Angela Lofton, Mary Phillips, Julia Wafford, Eric and Michael Ehrsam.

ELZER, Robert E., 72, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis, Feb. 22. Husband of Elizabeth (Basso) Elzer. Father of Beth, Brian and Kevin Elzer. Brother of Richard Elzer. Grandfather of two.

FOX, Mary P., 99, St. Law­rence, Indianapolis, Feb. 5. Mother of Margaret Wood. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of 12. Great-great-grandmother of eight.

GARRY, Donald F., 71, Holy Family, New Albany, Feb. 26. Brother of Rose Marie Mahern and John R. Garry Jr.

GILBERT, Margaret D., 81, St. Augustine Home for the Aged, Indianapolis, Feb. 4. Mother of Susanna, John, Joseph, Patrick and Timothy Gilbert. Sister of Mary Cesnik and Thomas McKeon. Grand­mother of eight. Great-grandmother of two.

GLASGOW, Joseph Lee, 74, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, Feb. 24. Husband of Martha Glasgow. Father of Rita Euhl, Sheila Luttrell and Jeff Glasgow. Brother of seven. Grandfather of six. Great-grandfather of two.

GONZALES, Isidro S., 45, St. Gabriel, Indianapolis, Feb. 16. Husband of Shiela May (Sambilay) Gonzales. Father of Isabella Louise and Ian Lorenzo Gonzales. Son of Jean (Soliven) Gonzales. Brother of Imelda and Isidro Chrysanto Gonzales.

HAGERMAN, Beatrice L.(Schneider), 83, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), Indianapolis, Feb. 19. Mother of Donald Hagerman. Grand­mother of four. Great-grandmother of seven.

HALL, Helen G., 82, St. Michael, Greenfield, Feb. 18. Wife of Fred Hall. Mother of Cynthia Koltcz and Dennis Hall. Sister of Rosella Sogge, Sister Marie Donahue and Eugene Donahue. Grandmother of two. Great-grandmother of two.

HAMMES, Peter Joseph, 62, St. Matthew, Indianapolis, Feb. 26. Father of David and Michael Hammes. Brother of Holy Cross Sister Carlita Hammes, Clara Kovacs, Martha Shaffer, Charles, Fred and Hand Hammes. Grand­father of one.

HEIN, Anne, 70, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis, Feb. 15. Wife of Robert Hein. Mother of Gretchen Hein, Colista Leiter, Ruthanne Shupak and Sarah Hein. Sister of Sarajane Gaylord and Margaret Heistand. Grandmother of eight.

HOLMAN, Martha Marie, 88, St. Mary, Greensburg, Feb. 23. Mother of Patricia Ann Fife, Veronica June and David Holman. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of seven.

JACKSON, Patricia A., 58, St. Paul, Sellersburg, Feb. 13. Sister of Linda Kaufer.

KERKER, Robert J., 90, Holy Family, Oldenburg, Feb. 28. Father of Kathy Bohman, Daniel, Steven and William Kerker. Brother of Rita Goldsmith, Barbara Heidlage, Rosemary Holtel, Betty Waters, Clarence and Jerome Kerker. Grandfather of 13. Great-grandfather of seven.

KOCH, Rosanna M., 84, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), Indianapolis, Feb. 14. Mother of Marilyn Bolling, Lois Schaffer and David Koch. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of five.

KOORS, Janet M., 54, St. Mary, Greensburg, March 1. Wife of Harold M. Koors. Mother of Brenda Wingham and Kevin Koors. Daughter of Elbert and Lucinda Hollin. Sister of Loretta Hubbard, Eunice Meyer, Stella Olvey, Betty Smith and Dallas Hollin Sr. Grandmother of seven.

LAURENT, Welda A., 83, Christ the King, Indianapolis, Feb. 16. Father of Jean Ann McFarren, James and Mark Laurent. Brother of Bette Stiehl. Grandfather of eight.

LEISING, Marcella A., 90, St. Mary, Rushville, Feb. 24. Mother of Norma Miller, Arnold, Harold, Mark, Marvin, Paul and Ray Leising. Sister of Stella Weberding, Marie Wietlisbach and Lawrence Bedel. Grandmother of 28. Great-grandmother of 39.

LITMER, Carl M., 74, St. John, Enochsburg, March 1. Husband of Jaunita Litmer. Father of Angela Meyer, Kim Vance, Melissa, Curt and Michael Litmer. Brother of Marcella Schwegman and Alfred Litmer. Grandfather of seven.

PHILHOWER, Laura, 94, St. Andrew, Richmond, Feb. 24. Mother of Marolyn DeSalle and Carolyn May. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of nine.

POTENZA, Gladys Violet(Clemmer), 84, St. Gabriel, Indianapolis, Feb. 21. Mother of Carol Inabnit, Mary Ann Payne, Amelia Warren, Rose Wilson, Maria and Philip Potenza. Sister of Mary Spahr. Grandmother of six.

PRICE, William E., II, 71, St. Margaret Mary, Terre Haute, Feb. 22. Husband of Mary Kay Price. Father of Elizabeth Beury and Catherine Semmes. Brother of Wilma Tucker, Charles and Ronald Price. Grand­father of two. Great-grandfather of three.

RAMSEY, June M., 81, St. Paul, Tell City, Feb. 25. Mother of Charlene Edwards, Billy, Charlie and John Mogan, Darrell and Travis Ramsey. Sister of Kathleen Anson, Lyndal Lee Sprinkle, Judy Kay Thompson, Jerry Dean and Jimmy Thomas. Grandmother of 15. Great-grandmother of 17.

SAUER, Eugene, 81, St. Michael, Greenfield, Feb. 19. Husband of Betty (Jones) Sauer. Father of Paula Bates, Diane Brow, Jeffery and Laurence Sauer. Brother of Eloise Gormally, Carl and Joseph Sauer. Grandfather of 11. Great-grandfather of one.

SAUER, Urban, 78, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), Indianapolis, Feb. 18. Husband of Helen Sauer. Father of Jo Ellen Eaton, Eileen Mader and Michael Sauer. Brother of Mary Scott and Joseph Sauer. Grandfather of six.

SCHAPKER, Caroline L.(Newhouse), 47, St. Simon the Apostle, Indianapolis, Feb. 22. Wife of David A. Schapker. Mother of Claire and Michael Schapker. Daughter of Jerald Newhouse. Sister of Lisa Lubbers and Theresa Morin.

STEVENS, Agnes Marie (Totton), 72, St. Rose of Lima, Franklin, Feb. 22. Wife of John R. Stevens. Mother of Grace Hatfield and John R. Stevens Jr. Sister of Enola Griffith and John M. Totton. Grandmother of four.

SULLIVAN, John L., 93, Christ the King, Indianapolis, Feb. 20. Husband of Jean Anne (Hutter) Sullivan. Father of Sylvia Gray, Patricia Witt and John Sullivan. Grand­father of 10. Great-grandfather of seven.

SUTHERLAND, Leona Mae, 86, St. Benedict, Terre Haute, Jan. 30. Mother of Elizabeth and Mike Sutherland. Sister of Geraldine Childs. Grandmother of four.

TREWHELLA, Richard P., 73, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Indianapolis, Feb. 19. Husband of Lucille Trewhella. Father of Joyce Hudson, Jeffery, Phillip and Richard Trewhella Jr.

UNCLEBACH, Jane L., 84, St. Mary, New Albany, Feb. 24. Aunt of several.

WAGAMAN, Frances, 97, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Cambridge City, Feb. 11. Mother of Cecelia Gwin. Grand­mother of five. Great-grandmother of 12.

WALKER, Margaret Rose(Lasher), 57, Our Lady of Lourdes, Indianapolis, Feb. 13. Mother of Katiey Walker. Sister of Brian and Tim Lasher.

WINCHELL, Adah A., 100, St. Paul, Tell City, Feb. 24. Aunt of several.

WEIMER, Robert J., 84, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Feb. 23. Husband of Mildred Weimer. Father of Karen Thomas. Grandfather of two. †


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