January 28, 2005

Archdiocesan Catholics support
tsunami relief

By Mary Ann Wyand

In response to the Dec. 26 tsunami disaster in Asia, Catholics in central and southern Indiana have donated $335,210.31 to the archdiocesan Mission Office for Catholic Relief Services humanitarian aid to help survivors in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and several other Asian countries.

By Jan. 25, archdiocesan parishes had forwarded $310,453.31 in donations to the Mission Office and individuals had contributed $24,757.

Earlier this month, Congress approved legislation stating that contributions to tsunami relief efforts can be deducted from federal income taxes for the 2004 tax year if the donations are postmarked by Jan. 31.

To support Catholic Relief Services assistance for tsunami survivors, send checks addressed to the Mission Office in care of the Archbishop O’Meara Catholic Center, 1400 N. Meridian St., P.O. Box 1410, Indian­apolis, IN 46206. All donations will be forwarded to Catholic Relief Services. †


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