January 28, 2005

2005 Catholic Schools Week Supplement

Catholic Schools Week themes have changed
over the past three decades

Catholic Schools Week themes:

1974–Catholic Schools, Different Where It Counts—Message, Community and Service

1975–Making the Difference Count

1976–A Declaration of Interdependence

1977–Catholic Schools: A Plus for America

1978–Catholic Schools: Everyone Grows

1979–Next to the Family, The Catholic School

1980–The Catholic School: One of the Family

1981–Choosing a Tradition—Catholic Schools

1982–The Good News in Education

1983–In God We Trust and Teach

1984 -Catholic Schools: Beacon of Hope

1985–Catholic Schools: Sharing Vision, Teaching Values

1986–A Rainbow of Excellence

1987–Catholic Schools Touch the Future

1988–Share the Spirit

1989–Communities with Memories

1990–Catholic Schools: A Parent’s Choice

1991–Catholic Schools: A Kaleidoscope of People


National Marketing Campaign and CSW Week themes:

1992–Discover Catholic Schools

1993–Choose Catholic Schools: The Good News in Education

1994–Support Catholic Schools: Your Choice for Education

1995–Catholic Schools: Schools You Can Believe In

1996–Catholic Schools: Schools You Can Believe In

1997–Catholic Schools: Schools You Can Believe In (This same theme was used in three consecutive years with different logos )

1998–Catholic Schools: Restoring Faith in Education

1999–Catholic Schools: Faith for a Brighter Future

2000–Catholic Schools: Lighting the Way to a New Century

2001–Celebrate Catholic Schools

2002–Catholic Schools: Where Faith and Knowledge Meet

2003–Catholic Schools: Making a World of Difference

2004–Catholic Schools: A Faith-Filled Future

2005–Catholic Schools: Faith in Every Student †


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