Grant opportunities

For home mission, growth & expansion and capital needs

Through the generosity of the parishioners of our archdiocese, we have 4 different endowment funds that will support a twice-annual grant awarding process.  This grant process is jointly administered by the Finance Office and the Office of Stewardship and Development of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

Twice a year (spring and fall), the parishes, schools and agencies of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis have an opportunity to apply for grants which will be available from the following 4 endowments:

  1. Home Mission Endowment Fund – used to support parishes and schools that qualify as home missions;
  2. Growth & Expansion Endowment Fund – used to support ministry growth and expansion initiatives throughout the archdiocese in our parishes, schools and agencies
  3. The James P. Scott Endowment Fund – made possible by a very generous gift by James P. Scott to be used to support capital needs in the archdiocese. These funds are typically awarded in the form of a 50/50 matching grant
  4. Queen & Divine Mercy Endowment Fund – made possible by a very generous gift by Rev. Elmer J. Burwinkel to promote devotion to the Queenship of Mary and to the Divine Mercy of Jesus

Combined grant applications are due to the Archdiocese for the 2 grant allocation periods on April 30th and October 31st each year. Although grant award amounts vary significantly depending on the nature of the projects, typical award amounts are in the $20,000 to $40,000 range. (See the summary of the Fall 2021 grants)

For more information, please see the executive summary and the combined grant application below:

Please combine your grant application and all supporting files into a single PDF file and upload it directly through the attached link.  If you are unable to submit your application directly, you can email it to Stacy Harris at


Please contact Stacy Harris in the finance office if you have any questions at or 317-236-1535.

Indianapolis Education Assessment 6th Bucket

All parishes of the Indianapolis deaneries pay an annual education assessment that is used to support the Indianapolis-area high schools and the Notre Dame ACE Academies.  A portion of the assessment provides funding for an additional “6th bucket”.  These discretionary dollars are awarded as need-based grants on an annual basis to support education-related ministries in our Indianapolis parishes and schools and/or address special needs that arise in a given fiscal year. This document lays out the Framework for that “6th bucket” of discretionary funding dollars.

Purpose of the Funding

Generally, the funding is available for three purposes:

  1. Relieve short-term financial burdens in our parishes and schools
  2. Provide supplemental funding for new Catholic education-related initiatives in our parishes and schools
  3. Grow and strengthen Catholic education ministries in our parishes


All parishes and schools in the four Indianapolis Deaneries are eligible to apply for this funding.

More Information:

  • For fiscal year 21-22, the Indy Education Assessment charged to the parishes was reduced to assist the Indianapolis parishes in their efforts to balance their budgets. As this assessment is the funding source for the education grants, there were no new additional monies available for the Indy Education Grants for FY 21-22.  However, there are some residual dollars remaining from past grant award periods (totaling $146,000) that will be used for this grant process in February/March 2022.  The application deadline has been extended until March 18, 2022.Please submit any questions and your application and required documentation to Stacy Harris at No decision has been made on the funding for these grants for 2022-2023 at this time.

Ministerial Excellence Fund Grant

Through the Lilly Endowment and generous archdiocesan donors, the Ministerial Excellence Fund provides a limited number of grants of up to $5,000 in financial assistance for student debt and/or family related medical expenses. You can find more information at the following link:


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