Employee Payroll

  1. Use the Payroll Calendar to plan Automatic Deductions and Loan Payments
    1. 2024 Employee Payroll Calendar
    2. 2023 Employee Payroll Calendar
  2. Access your Paylocity Employee Dashboard
    1. Access W2s Online
    2. Changing Employee Health Savings Account Contributions
    3. Register for Paylocity Self-Service Portal
    4. Log into Paylocity Payroll
    5. Tour of your Paylocity Employee Dashboard
      You may contact your location Business Manager or Payroll Processor for assistance with access.
    6. Employee Guide
    7. Use your Check Calculator tool to determine if changes should be made to deductions (see page 105 of the Employee Guide)
    8. Paylocity Mobile Quick Start Guide
    9. Adjust Tax Withholdings in Paylocity Self-Service

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