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Sensory-friendly Mass is ‘perfect way’ to reach needs of stimuli-sensitive Catholics - Read Here

Let’s welcome those who struggle to belong at our parishes - Read Here

It’s time to make parishes accessible to people of all abilities - Read Here

Being “inclusive” of those with disabilities, means valuing them, pope says - Read Here

Experts hold hope for pastoral inclusion of Catholics with disabilities, also lingering challenges - Read Here
(Quote: "From that viewpoint, persons with disabilities can be seen as agents of evangelization, not a subject of evangelization,” said Katra. “Their vocation is to serve the church, not to be served.”)

‘Full members of the church’:  Catholics with disabilities contribute to Synod with Synodality - Read Here

Active Participants: Those With Down Syndrome Are Vital Members of the Church and Should Be Fully Welcomed - Read Here

It’s not a race:  My brother with Down Syndrome emblodies in a special way the precious gift of life  March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day - Read Here

Pope asks mentally disabled caretakers, to be missionaries of God’s love - Read Here

Mercy nun serving disabled children wins American Catholic Honor - Read Here

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