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Your neighbors live across the street and the country, across oceans and hemispheres.   As millions of God's Children flee war, persecution and poverty, Pope Francis, Caritas Internationalis, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Charities USA, and Catholic Relief Services invite you to share their journey by walking with them in prayer and support.

Pope Francis announced the two year "Share the Journey" migration campaign on Sept. 27th by encouraging people to actually meet with migrants and listen to their stories, rather than treat them as mere numbers an statistics imbued with negative stereotypes.

New Resources

  • Share the Journey has a new 3-part video series called Be Unafraid.  Each video is only two minutes long and tackles the tough questions that many have around refugees and welcoming the stranger to the United States.

    Through the 3-part video series, dozens of refugees and citizens of the United States were interviewed about their fears. Many believe our fears can set up apart, but we at Catholic Charities believe they can bring up together.
    View the video Here

Resources on Dreamers, TPS and Related Issues

2018 Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Lenten Rice Bowl Program.

As part of the Share the Journey campaign, Archbishop Thompson's is inviting all parishes and schools to participate in the CRS Lenten Rice Bowl program.    

Read Archbishop Thompson's letter.

As in past years, the CRS Rice Bowl includes many resources for parishes, schools, families and individuals on practical ways they can encounter their neighbors around the world through prayer, fasting, learning and almsgiving.   This year, the CRS Rice Bowl also includes several new resources that are specific to Share the Journey.  

To order your free CRS Rice Bowls - visit

To view the Share the Journey - CRS Rice Bowl resources - visit here.

Prayers for Migrants and Refugees

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Let Us Share the Journey

Adonai, Lord and Master,
Many are the journeys your people have taken:
Abraham’s journey led from fear to understanding;
Moses’ journey led from bondage to liberty;
the disciples’ journey led from death to new life.

Even today, your people journey—
immigrants and refugees, pilgrims and nomads,
searching for hope,
searching for opportunity,
searching for you.

Lord, I know that I too am called to journey.
Continue to call me beyond my comfort and
into encounter.

And when I meet a companion on the road,
may we find you in each other’s embrace.
Let us share the journey.

Prayer for Migrants and Refugees

Merciful God, we pray for families and
individuals who have left or fled their
homes, seeking safer and better lives.
We lift up to you their hopes, fears and
needs that they may be protected on
their journeys, their dignity and rights
may be honored and upheld, and they
may be welcomes with open arms
into generous and compassionate


Archbishop Charles C. Thompson kicked of the campaign within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis on Sept. 28th:

Archbishop Thompson and refugees

"For 42 years Indianapolis Archdiocese Cath. Charities has welcomed and cared for migrants and refugees."


Stayed tuned to learn more about Archdiocesan events that will be a part of Share the Journey!

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