Justice For Immigrants - Action Alert

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The Dream Act of 2017 (S. 1615 / HR. 3440) was recently introduced in Congress as a bipartisan effort. The bills are intended to protect immigrant youth who entered the United States as children and know America as their only home. The bills offer qualifying immigrant youth "conditional permanent resident status" and a path to full lawful permanent residency and eventual citizenship. These bills would protect numerous youth, including the over 780,000 individuals who received temporary relief from deportation and employment eligibility through the Department of Homeland Security's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The young people S. 1615 / H.R. 3440 seeks to protect are contributors to our economy, veterans of our military, academic standouts in our universities, and leaders in our parishes and communities. As Catholics, we have long supported DREAMers as we believe in protecting the dignity of every human being, especially that of our children.

We ask you to renew your support for DREAMers by urging your Senators to co-sponsor S. 1615 and your Member of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 3440.

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