Stations of the Cross

The stations below, taken from photos by Mary Ann Garber, are from Sacred Heart Parish in Indianapolis. Click on each station for a larger image, or click here to pray the stations.

Lord, I listen when you speak. Strengthen me,  for I am weak. In the dust I see you lie. Lord, I hear the ages cry. Through the clamor hear my cry: "Was it I, Lord, was it I?" Strip me, Lord, of binding sin. With new hope let me begin. Death does not denote defeat. Jesus, you make life complete. This, the Great Amen in time—Jesus, sacrifice divine. With your death I live anew. Jesus, I will follow you. If at times I hesitate Prod me, Lord, lest I be late. Jesus, we should realize With your help we too will rise. In the strife of every day Caring hearts do find a way. Jesus’ path, salvation’s hill, Looms before us—always will. How can thoughts or words express This shared scene of tenderness! Shepherd’s staff to cruel cross: Could such love be seen as loss? Cunning men, with cowards’ fear Blaspheme all that faith holds dear

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