Stations of the Cross

O crux ave spes unica | O hail the cross, our only hope

Stations of the Cross

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Photos by Sean Gallagher

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  • Slowly read through the Scripture, reflection and prayer
  • Click on each image for a larger version, if you wish
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These depictions of the Stations of the Cross are located in the church of the Benedictine Monastery Immaculate Conception in Ferdinand, Ind., in the Evansville Diocese. Monastery Immaculate Conception is the motherhouse of Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Beech Grove.

The stations were designed and molded in plaster by sculptors Joseph and Charles Horchert of Munich, Germany, in approximately 1923. The monastery church was completed in 1924.

The reflections on each station were taken from a text written in 2005 by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger—now Pope Benedict XVI—for a Stations of the Cross prayed at the Colosseum in Rome on Good Friday (For more, see the Vatican website).

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(Also: Download a poster of these stations here)

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