Resources for Business Managers

When a new employee begins employment:

All enrollments/waiver of insurance for eligible new hires must now be done online through the employee’s web benefits portal.  An email will be sent automatically to the employee once they’ve been approved in the payroll system.  If the employee does not receive that email within their first week of employment, please contact Human Resources immediately at

When an employee leaves employment:

What to do when an employee terminates (completed by Parish Business Manager/School Administrator):

  1. Terminate employee in Paylocity using the last day worked as the termination date.  This will trigger notification to terminate benefits.
  2. Provide them the document 2021 Benefits for Those Leaving Employment.
  3. Remove their access to security systems, websites, email, etc.
  4. Retrieve business property such as keys, security cards/badges, ID’s, computers, etc.

HR Guides for Business Managers

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