Wellness, Disease Management and Maternity Care


The wellness program will run on an annual calendar basis.  This helps to promote your relationship with your physician by ensuring you see him/her each year thus allowing you to work together as a team to manage your own overall health.  In order to receive the $200 incentive we ask that you complete the physical wellness claim form and forward it to HR@archindy.org. Once the form has been received and reviewed your incentive funds will be placed in your HSA or HRA account, whichever is applicable. 

The wellness program starts over on January 1 of the next plan year and is paid out once per plan year. 

  • Wellness form must be completed and returned to HR within 90 days of wellness visit
  • Employee must be enrolled in the Archdiocese healthcare plan

Maternity Management Program

Employees or their spouses can earn $800 upon completion of the UMR Maternity Management program.  To be eligible to enroll, the employee/their spouse must be enrolled in the Archdiocese medical plan at the time the employee/their spouse becomes pregnant.  To be eligible for the incentive payout, the employee/their spouse must also 1) be a current/active employee and 2) the employee/their spouse must be enrolled in the Archdiocese medical plan at the time the incentive is to be paid out. 

In order to enroll in this program please contact the Live Well Plan Advisor at 888-438-8105 to self-enroll in the program.  Click here for further details regarding the Maternity Management program.

Orthopedic Health Support

If you’re looking for information and support to relieve back, knee, or hip pain, we are here to help. UMR partners with Optum’s Orthopedic Health Support program. It’s already a part of your benefits, so there’s no extra cost.  Click here for more details.

Disease Management Program

As of January 1, 2021 this program is no longer available


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