Rolling over your Optum HSA to Health Equity

We are excited to offer health savings accounts (HSAs) with HealthEquity beginning January 1, 2023. HealthEquity offers online access to a member portal, year-round education, a wide range of investment options and member service specialists who are available every hour of every day.

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis is conducting a “bulk transfer” process of employee HSA balances with OptumBank to HealthEquity. Please read the details below on how to close your HSA with OptumBank and transfer your balance to your new HealthEquity account.


HSA transfer checklist

• Complete Transfer Form: Click here to access the form to have your OptumBank HSA transferred to HealthEquity

Why transfer your HSA? The benefits of transferring your HSA balance to HealthEquity are:

• You will not be responsible for the Optum $20 transfer out/closure fee if participating in the bulk transfer process.

• All HSA contributions elected through payroll and provided by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis will be deposited into your HealthEquity account starting January 1, 2023.

• HealthEquity will deposit $25 into each HSA that is transferred where:

o The owner is a current, benefit eligible employee

o Has not maxed out their annual HSA contributions

o Has a positive balance at the time of transfer

o And completes the transfer before 1/15/23 or opens a new HSA by 1/15/23 (and has not had an HSA previously)

Keep in mind, if you decide to leave your HSA at OptumBank, you will be responsible for all account fees and their current fee schedule for individual accounts will apply.


Have Questions?

If you have further questions about your HealthEquity account or to confirm your balance transfer after 2/16/2023 you may log into your HealthEquity member portal at, or call HealthEquity Member Services at 866.346.5800.


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