February 5, 2010

Letters to the Editor

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When there is a need, Christians are called to do the same as Jesus

Barbara L. Maness from Vevay wrote in a letter to the editor in the Jan. 29 issue of The Criterion: “I don’t mind helping. My parents taught me to do just that. I mind doing it for someone else who will not even try to do for themselves.”

Is this what Jesus taught in Matthew 14:13-21 when he fed 5,000 people? Also see John 6:5-13.

No, Jesus did not ask why. He only asked if there was a need, and he answered that need.

If we are to be called Christian, we must do the same. Is there a need? What can I do to help?

- Robert Klingle, Indianapolis


Progress has been made and must continue in fulfilling Jesus’ mission

In his Jan. 29 editorial in The Criterion, Daniel Conway asks whether any progress has been made in 2,000 years.

Yes, progress has been made in fulfilling Jesus’ mission. Christianity has been spread throughout the world.

The Judeo-Christian ethic is now the world standard for nations and people. Even abortions and wars are trending down.

Pope Benedict XVI points out how divine love generates love in our world, and Conway points out that Christian love is growing.

There is indeed hope that Jesus’ pilgrims will continue to make progress in implementing the Good News even if it is necessary to grab people by their collars and drag them along the road to Emmaus. (See letters to the editor, Jan. 29 issue of The Criterion.)

- Joann and Bill Wood, Indianapolis


Criterion staffer is able to tell stories which connect readers with his subject

For a number of years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the writings of John Shaughnessy.

His article last week in the Catholic Schools Week Supplement about Roncalli High School teacher Marilyn Miles was typical of the excellence of his writing style.

He is able to tell his stories with a warm and personal touch, which allows the reader to connect on a personal level with his subject.

He is so skilled in connecting us with the many facets of his subject’s life.

I have been meaning to send this letter for a long time, and finally decided to not wait any longer.

Thank you, John Shaughnessy, for blessing us with your writing gifts!

- Bob Degitz, New Palestine

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