January 29, 2010

Letters to the Editor

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People of the world must become responsible for their own actions

It was nice to see John Fink address Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical “Charity in Truth.”

Actually, the encyclical seems to be more of the “same old, same old” where the U.S. is concerned.

We are told by the pope that redistribution is necessary—where have we heard that before?—and we, the U.S., should review our lifestyles.

Our lifestyles: Who was first on the way to help Haiti after the earthquake? Who is almost always first in line to help whenever any tragedy strikes anywhere? Who is known throughout the world, forgive me, for being the sucker and the patsy whenever help is needed: the United States.

The word “redistribution” bothers me because of what we consistently hear today from our president.

I don’t mind helping. My parents taught me to do just that. I mind doing it for someone else who will not even try to do for themselves, and who feel I owe it to them.

Politicians went from saying global warming to saying climate change when blizzards hit Copenhagen, Beijing, London and several other European cities at the time of the global warming meeting.

Of course, we have climate change. God, in his infinite wisdom, has so decreed. Think of it as spring cleaning. Every so many millennia, God decides it’s time to clean house, and the climate changes. These changes were occurring before man. Are we to blame for them as well? I would think not.

I do not want to save the world. I want the world to help itself, and become responsible for its actions as I expect to be responsible for mine.

This is God’s natural order of things, and man should be very careful in trying to manipulate that.

- Barbara L. Maness, Vevay

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