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There are always opportunities to offer your Volunteer services, either as a group or individually. Your group may be three people from you area that want to help, or it could be 20 or 30 or more.

There are many recovery operations going on right now throughout the U.S., as well as several in other countries. If you have never Volunteered for a disaster before, you might want to start fairly close to home.

Catholic Charities USA is currently working in several states following severe storms, tornadoes and floods. Please check their web site for a list of these locations at Catholic Charities USA or use www.catholiccharitiesusa.org then, at the top bar on the page, highlight "Programs" and click "Disaster Preparedness and Response".

Remember that you MUST contact someone involved with that disaster site BEFORE making plans to go. Never arrive unannounced. Those in charge on the ground will need time to schedule work and housing if it is available. If you choose a site from the CCUSA list, please contact CCUSA for further information on what is needed at the disaster site.

If you know of a disaster that is not on the list, contact Arch Indy Catholic Charities Disaster Preparedness and Response at 317-642-7322 for help in coordinating your volunteer trip.

Please read the "Volunteer info and sign-up information" on this site to help prepare you for your trip. Always check with the Disaster Response Coordinator in the disaster area, as their guidelines, age limits, etc., may be slightly different.

Let us know about your plans for Volunteering so that we can post your trip on this site. Not only will your Volunteers see their trip story and photos, but you will help inspire others to follow in your footsteps.


9/10/2012 - Vermont and Up State New York - Hurricane Rita - as of this date, volunteers are still needed


9/10/2012 - Waveland/Bay St. Louis area of Hancock County Mississippi, Outlying areas of New Orleans LA - Hurricane Isaac - Unskilled workers are needed in the Mississippi areas as of this date to Muck & Gut homes (clear out the wet debris and properties of the homes). The New Orleans areas are still under water and not yet ready for volunteer assistance.


Please email Jane Crady at jacc1@tds.net for information on how to contact the Coordinators in these areas.








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