IPI History

In our Archdiocese were opened the doors of the IPI so as to give response to the invitation of Father Allan Deck-Figueroa (ex-director of the Secretariat of cultural diversity of the Conference of Catholic Bishops) to "do everything possible to make the lay pastoral leadership Hispanic obtain the education and training required."

On August 25 2011 officially started the Archdiocesan Intercultural Pastoral Formation Institute with the Spanish Leadership Program in the Catholic Center. Forty participants began the program of Pastoral Leadership in Indianapolis and twenty more of the deaneries of the south. In 2010 a project of the Institute was shaped by a Planning and Development Committee. The members of that Committee were Fray Moises Gutiérrez, Deacon Oscar Morales, Debbie Good, and Juan Manuel Guzman. In addition to these four there were other people who were a key in the development of the project: Sr. Marykay Duffy, Father Juan José Valdés, Fr. Kenneth Taylor, Ed Isakson, Ken Ogorek, Mickey Lentz and the parish priests of our parishes with Hispanic ministry. The actual committee is integrated by  Aaron Thomas, Fr. Sam Cunningham, Sister Jeannette Pruitt, Debbie Good, Arthur Canales, Fr. Michael O’Mara, Kathie Brewer, Sr. Julie, Juan Carlos Ramirez, Fr. Minh Duong, Br. Moises Gutierrez. Working together was made this project a reality that is now working with other ethnicities/cultures.

In fact, two years later, the Archbishop Joseph Tobin celebrated the first graduation Mass of the class of 2013 the day may 11, 2013 in the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul. Now the Leadership Program is graduating the class of 2014 on June 28, 2014. Actually the Spiritual Direction Program is in progress, the Burma Catechetical and Pastoral Formation Certificate begun on April 26, 2914 and our last started program is the Black Theology and Spirituality Certificate started on May 8, 2014.

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