Coaches by Competency

Catholic Leadership 360 Competency Areas – With Coaches

1.         Administrative/organizational ability (P) Coaches

2.         Brings out best in people (P/LL) Coaches

3.         Communicating information, ideas (P/LL) Coaches

4.         Courage (P) Coaches

5.         Credibility (P) Coaches

6.         Differences matter (P/LL) Coaches

7.         Forging synergy (P) Coaches

8.         Influencing, leadership, power (LL) Coaches

9.         Inspiring commitment (P/LL) Coaches

10.       Leading staff (P) Coaches

11.       Listens (LL) Coaches

12.       Managing conflict; negotiation (LL) Coaches

13.       Minister of the Church (LL) Coaches

14.       Ministerial identity and relationships (P) Coaches

15.       Openness to others' ideas; flexibility (P/LL) Coaches

16.       Person of faith (LL) Coaches

17.       Plans and sets goals (LL) Coaches

18.       Relationships (LL) Coaches

19.       Seeks Opportunities to Learn (P/LL) Coaches

20.       Selecting, developing, and influencing people (P/LL) Coaches

21.       Time management (LL) Coaches

P = Competency Area for Priests

LL = Competency Area for Lay Leader

P/LL = Competency Area for Both


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