Totus Tuus

St. John Paul IIWhat  is Totus Tuus?

Totus Tuus (Latin for Totally Yours) is a summer Catholic youth program dedicated to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic faith through evangelization, catechesis, Christian witness, and Eucharistic worship. Our week-long Parish Summer Catechetical Program and Summer Camps assist parents and parishes in the evangelizing and catechizing of their youth by supplementing the work they are already doing. The methodology, structure, content, and enthusiasm of Totus Tuus is concerned not only with teaching the faith, but also igniting the hearts of the team members and young people. The result has been the formation of young adults who continue to dedicate themselves to the Church’s mission of evangelization.

For more information about Totus Tuus, please click here to see the diocese where this excellent program originated.


Check out this brief video, then apply to be a Totus Tuus missionary, using the link below!

A day in the life of a Totus Tuus team member

Typical Daily Schedule (times may vary according to parish needs):

7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Morning prayer & rosary

Daytime Program: Monday—Friday For Grades 1—6
9:00 Introduction
9:15 Icebreaker
9:25 Class period #1
9:50 Snack / Game
10:10 Music preparation for Mass
10:20 Class period #2
10:45 Preparation for Mass -
Confession available
11:15 Mass
12:00 Lunch (bring your own) - Recess
1:00 Water break
1:10 Class period #3
1:35 Skit
1:50 Class period #4
2:15 Gather, review, and closing
2:30 Dismissal

Team Time
2:30 Clean-up / set-up for next day /
team meeting
3:00 Evening prayer & Divine Mercy
3:30 Team recreation
5:30 Supper

Evening Program: Sunday—Thursday For Grades 7—12
7:00 High School / Junior High—introduction / review
7:15 Session #1
7:45 Break
8:00 Session #2
8:45 Night prayer
9:00 Dismissal

Team returns to host family after 9:00 PM

For a brochure providing additional information about Totus Tuus and its schedule, please click here to see another diocese where Totus Tuus is active.

Apply to be a Totus Tuus team member

If you are a college or seminary student and would like to apply for service on our Archdiocese of Indianapolis 2020 Totus Tuus team, please complete this application.

Totus Tuus Additional Info for Applicants:

--The summer kicks off on Thursday, May 28th at a retreat center just across the border, in Ohio.  We partner with the Cincinnati archdiocese for training.  The morning that training ends (Saturday, June 6th) the team drives (in one car; we figure that out during interviews and the mileage is reimbursed) to its first host parish.  Then, except for 24 hours of free time each Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon, the team is off and running!

--The week following Saturday, July 4th is a vacation week (with an optional retreat in Ohio starting the night of Thursday, July 2nd and ending the 4th of July).  The team reports to its post-vacation host parish for the vigil Mass on Saturday, July 11th where it’s off and running again in to the home stretch of summer.

--Friday, July 31st is the last day in a parish, with another optional retreat in Ohio starting that night and ending on Sunday, August 2nd.

--Team members each get a stipend plus they’re housed, fed and too busy to spend much $ throughout the summer.

Questions about Totus Tuus in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis?  Please contact Ken Ogorek, Director of Catechesis, at this address:

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