Rodas, Rev. Mauro G., MS, MA, PhD, MDiv

Rodas, Rev. Mauro G., MS, MA, PhD, MDivFor contact information, please call the Office of Clergy, 317-236-1495

Birthdate: January 18

Ordination: May 2, 1965, for the Diocese of Guaranda, Ecuador

Current Assignment: 2000, retired (granted early)

Ministry History: 1965, professor in Chimbo, Diocese of Guaranda, Ecuador, S.A.; 1966, assistant pastor pro tem, St. Mary, Indianapolis, and graduate studies, Butler and Indiana universities; 1967, graduate studies and professor of linguistics, University of Madrid, Spain; 1975, associate pastor, St. Mary, Indianapolis, and assistant, Hispanic-American apostolate; 1978, director, Hispanic-American apostolate, and continuing as associate pastor, St. Mary, Indianapolis; 1979, incardinated into Archdiocese of Indianapolis; 1981, pastor, St. Mary, Indianapolis, and continuing as archdiocesan director, Hispanic apostolate; 1998, pastor, St. Joseph, Corydon, St. Peter, Harrison County, and Most Precious Blood, New Middletown.

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