Denison, Rev. Frederick J., MDiv

Denison, Rev. Frederick J., MDivFor contact information, please call the Office of Clergy, 317-236-1495

Birthdate: September 25

Ordination: May 19, 1973

Deceased: May 18, 2024

Ministry History: Associate pastor, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis; 1974, associate pastor, Christ the King, Indianapolis; 1980, associate pastor, St. Luke, the Evangelist, Indianapolis; 1982, pastor, St. Bernard, Frenchtown; 1983, administrator, St. Michael, Bradford, continuing as pastor, St. Bernard, Frenchtown; 1984, pastor, St. Bernard, Frenchtown; 1989, administrator, St. Joseph, Crawford County, and continuing as pastor, St. Bernard, Frenchtown; 2006, pastor, St. John the Baptist, Starlight; 2010, retired (granted early) and assigned to sacramental ministry at St. Joseph, Crawford County, and St. Peter, Harrison County.

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