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What are Tax Credit Scholarships?

The Indiana Tax Credit Scholarship Program provides scholarship support to families who want to enroll their children in the private school of their choice. Qualifying students in grades K-12 can receive a minimum of a $500 Tax Credit Scholarship.

School statisticsWho qualifies for a Tax Credit Scholarship?

  • • A student whose family meets the income eligibility guidelines for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch program (see chart), AND
  • • A student who is entering Kindergarten or 1st grade, AND/OR
  • • A student who is coming to a private school after attending at least one year (two semesters) in an Indiana public school.

Why should I apply now?

If your family qualifies for assistance, but you do not apply when your child first enters school, you may lose the opportunity for a Voucher or Tax Credit Scholarship for the next 13 years.

How do I apply for a Tax Credit Scholarship?

  1. 1. To see how much tuition assistance you are eligible for, first register at your Catholic school of choice.
  2. 2. To apply for funding, visit www.i4qed.org/sgo.


NOTE: a 90% voucher scholarship is the lesser of the tuition and fees charged by the Catholic school or up to $4,800 in grades K-8 and more for grades 9-12. A 50% voucher is half of a 90% voucher. Income levels are determined in accordance with verification rules at www.doe.in.gov/choice.

*A family at between 150 and 200% of Reduced Lunch Eligibility may be eligible for a 50% voucher if the student received a voucher for 2013-2014 OR if the student has a disability requiring special education.


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