Looking for a Phone System?

We now have an agreement with Toshiba Corporation, to provide Toshiba Telephone Systems to you at reduced prices. Toshiba has been making phone systems for over 25 years and has won many national awards for their reliability and functionality.  Our agreement* with Toshiba provides for-

  • No Charge Site Surveys
  • WEB Demo on Product Features
  • On-Line Layout and Design
  • Purchase Outright or Finance
  • Guaranteed Labor & Equipment Pricing
  • No Money Paid until Installation Complete
  • Local Dealer Installation and ongoing support

The agreement includes the following types of equipment:

  • Digital Telephones
  • IP Telephones
  • Mixture of Digital & IP
  • Auto Attendants
  • Voice Mail 4-96 Ports & 999 to 99,999 Mailboxes
  • POTS –Plain Old Telephone Lines
  • T1 or PRI Interfacing
  • Point to Point T1 Interfacing
  • Multiple building connections using existing aerial or buried cabling or using V.O.I.P. capabilities
  • Analog Telephone interfacing
  • Browser Based Administration and remote capabilities

The systems Toshiba provides will address the needs of organizations of all sizes. If your requirements are 2 lines and 2 phones or larger contact us. For information about our program call 888-997-9050 or go directly to the web site www.catholicphonesystems.com.  You can also call the Archdiocesan Purchasing Department @ 317-236-1451.

* Our agreement with Toshiba allows us to offer these benefits. As these are only available through our agreement, telephone equipment purchases completed outside our contract will not be eligible

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