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Things to know at the time of delivery...

Take these steps to protect against loss or damage:

A. VERIFY THE COUNT. Make sure you receive as many cartons as are listed on the delivery receipt. If any shortage is discovered, note exactly how many cartons are short on the carrier's delivery receipt and have the driver note the shortage on your copy.

B. CAREFULLY EXAMINE THE CARTONS FOR DAMAGE. If damage is visible, note this on the delivery receipt and have the driver clearly note that fact on your copy. If the carton has the appearance that the contents inside may possibly be damaged, insist that it be opened right at that time. Both you and the driver should make a joint inspection of the contents. Any concealed damage discovered should also be noted on the delivery receipt and on your copy. Be sure to retain your copy.

C. IMMEDIATELY AFTER DELIVERY, OPEN ALL CARTONS AND INSPECT FOR CONCEALED DAMAGE. Even though the driver has already left, all cartons should be immediately opened and the contents inspected for possible concealed damage. Retain damaged items. Please keep damaged items and all containers along with the inner packing materials. Please contact APD at once to report concealed damage. We will then make arrangements with the vendor to pick up and replace any damaged items. Damaged items cannot be used or disposed of without authorization from APD.

A word from our director:

Many products you receive arrive via a commercial trucking company and we would like to pass along some helpful information about receiving freight.

First, the standard delivery offered by  trucking companies is called a "tailgate delivery." This means that the driver will move the material to the end of the truck, or tailgate, and you are responsible for taking it off the truck and into your building. "Inside delivery," where the truck driver will do this, is usually available at an additional cost, but arrangements should be made in advance. APD always asks that the freight company call you before delivery.

Second, the receipt the driver will ask you to sign is a legal document which states you have received the freight shown in good condition. PLEASE take the time to count the number of cartons and note any shortage on the delivery receipt BEFORE you sign it. Please also  inspect the cartons for signs of damage and note it on the delivery receipt before signing it.

Once you have noted any shortage or damage it is safe to sign the receipt and we can file a claim with the trucking company to pay for replacement.

Sometimes the carton may look fine, but the contents are damaged anyway. This is known as "concealed damage." We can still file a claim for this but we are not as likely to recover the full amount from the carrier.

Please rest assured that we and our suppliers are making every effort to deliver your order in good condition. You can further protect your institution by following the steps mentioned here. We want our valuable customers to be satisfied with what they receive!

-Steve James

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