National Leadership Roundtable Programs

Catholic Leadership 360 (eLearning and classroom)

Catholic Leadership 360 is a leadership development program that offers priests and lay leaders fresh insight into their effectiveness as leaders in the Church. The program provides a unique opportunity for growth in leadership using respectful, structured feedback from those with whom clergy and lay leaders interact regularly.

Leadership Roundtable partnered with the National Federation of Priests’ Councils and the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators to develop two 360-degree assessment tools, one for clergy and one for lay leaders. The Catholic Leadership 360 Assessments are inspired by In Fulfillment of Their Mission: The Duties and Tasks of a Roman Catholic Priest, and by the National Certification Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministers.


Leadership development is a vital part of Catholic ministry. Participants who complete the clergy or lay leader version of the Catholic Leadership 360 program, and who use the information they have drawn from it to create a personal development plan, gain:

  • Increased self-awareness of their leadership competencies
  • A deeper understanding of personal strengths and areas in which to grow
  • Motivation to change specific leadership behaviors
  • Stronger working relationships with others
  • A method for tracking personal development as a leader in the Catholic community and elsewhere

The 360 Assessments provide feedback on leadership competencies and behaviors deemed important for success in the roles of lay leader or priests. The leadership competencies included in the 360 tools focus on the areas of Communication, Leading Others, Relationships, Planning and Personal Management. The term 360 is used because the instruments are designed to collect feedback from a multitude of people referred to as raters. The data is summarized and provided to the participant in a comprehensive report.  Each participant engages in a confidential, one‐on‐one feedback session with a certified facilitator to review and interpret their feedback report and to create an individual development program for future growth.

Leadership Roundtable Pastoral Toolbox Workshops (Classroom)

this program helps pastors and Parish Life Coordinators understand day-to-day management skills needed in parish leadership that will help their faith communities live out the Gospel with vibrancy.

For the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, there will be two formats for the Toolbox:  Priests and PLCs and Business Managers.  Both versions of the Toolbox will be highly pragmatic and immediately useful to participants. The Toolbox - as a formational and educational process - is fully attentive to the participant as pastoral leader and person.

Executive leadership training (online)

For bishops and senior diocesan leaders to lead the response to the COVID-19 crisis.    Topics include:

  • Forming a COVID-19 task force with appropriate leaders and focus
  • Managing the new financial reality facing parishes and schools
  • Moving to online fundraising
  • Communicating strategically in a time of crisis
  • Supporting pastors and pastoral leaders in a time of crisis
  • Preparing pastoral leaders for digital ministry
  • Making mission-critical decisions about parishes in light of the new reality


1. Pastoral Plan Consulting - Leadership development. We can certainly give guidance and support as Parishes strive to implement the first 4 areas of Prayer and Worship; Stewardship; Family and Community and Evangelization and Catechesis. The last of Priestly Life and Leadership is also an area of competency for Leadership Roundtable in support of this Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan. 
2. Formation for newly appointed pastors/administrators that helps them how to "not make a mess" of their first 6 months of that assignment. This could include basic HR protocols, meeting and time management as well as wellness in their own personal change.
3. Pastoral and Finance Councils and how to best tap into them as resources for the Pastor in his leadership role.

Leadership Roundtable staff members are available to assist you and your teams in a variety of ways, from suggesting emerging best practices and providing resources, to thinking strategically about long-term plans related to financial management, human resources, and more. 
The Leadership Roundtable continues to be at your service and available for consulting, coaching, and more in order to help you best respond to this latest crisis facing our Church and country.

National Leadership Roundtable Pricing

Catholic Leadership 360
Presentations will be offered live (ie: Spirituality of Administration as a kick-off). A reduced rate of $800/person to Leadership Roundtable, since Archdiocesan staff handles all group and 1x1 feedback sessions.

  • ArchIndy Lilly: $800
  • Participant: $200

Pastoral Toolbox
Presentations will be offered live (ie: Spirituality of Administration as a kick-off). A reduced rate of $490/person to Leadership Roundtable, since Archdiocesan staff handles all group and 1x1 feedback sessions.

  • ArchIndy Lilly: $490
  • Participant: $200

More details on the National Leadership Roundtable programs are available by contacting Dan Krodel at or 317-236-1562.

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