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Intercultural Pastoral Institute

The Intercultural Pastoral Institute Mission is to promote, form, and cultivate pastoral leaders, giving them training, skills, and attitudes necessary to confront the reality of our society and the needs of Catholic Community.  In the Intercultural Pastoral Institute offers different programs of formation, primarily a certification, two-year program in Pastoral Leadership.

After completing the Pastoral Leadership, Ongoing Formation programs continue via a series of 12-14 workshops focusing on the following areas: 1. Empowering Leadership in the Latino Community. 2. Managing Financial tensions in the Hispanic Community.  Building Intercultural Competencies to foster better relationships.  4. Promoting superior education in the Latino Community.

Promoting Human Dignity in the Church Workplace (eLearning - Required)

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis will be offering online training entitled Promoting Human Dignity in the Workplace. There are two separate training modules: one for supervisors and one for employees. Both courses reference Catholic teaching on the dignity of the human person and include legal information and practical examples on what constitutes harassment based on gender, age, disability, race, ethnicity, or other protected factors. The courses also have assessments of learning to ensure that the content has been mastered. Our plan is to roll out the supervisor course in 2020 followed by the course for employees later this year or in 2021.

Wellbeing in Ministry

Empowering Pastoral Leaders offers 3 – 15-minute videos presented by Matt Bloom that offer participants the most current practices designed for Pastoral Leaders to flourish in Ministry.  Matt Bloom is an Associate Professor at the University of Notre Dame where he leads the Wellbeing at Work Program.  Matt is the Principle Investigator of the Wellbeing at Work Program ( in which he and his team studying flourishing among the helping and caring professions. Matt has received almost $9 million in grant funding to support their research. He leads an interdisciplinary team of ten researchers and staff who work together to learn how to sustain helping and care-giving professionals in their work.

Flourishing in Ministry examines what motivates pastoral leaders to be engaged in ministry—and what disrupts them from experiencing wellbeing in their work. In our research, we attempt to explore how pastoral leaders—often working with lean resources—can give so much to others and experience a sense of fulfillment and growth in their daily work lives.

  • First video is titled: Step back: Why Wellbeing Matters.  Key insights are discussed from the Flourishing in Ministry research on the vital role that wellbeing plays in creating and maintaining high levels of leader effectiveness and vital church ministries. Matt discusses the four dimensions of wellbeing, tools that allow each member to acquire their own personal wellbeing profile, and the process for identifying key wellbeing indicators.
  • Second video is titled:  Step simply: Individual wellbeing and wise wellbeing practice.  This presentation will help participants understand their unique wellbeing profile and begin the development of personalized wellbeing practices.
  • Third video is titled:  Step Together: Building strong ecosystems of wellbeing.: A presentation of the vital role that relationships and social support play in sustaining wellbeing, and opportunities to develop meaningful group-based wellbeing practices.  Step Faithfully: Spirituality and wellbeing: An opportunity for participants to integrate spirituality, theology, and religious beliefs into their developing insights about wellbeing.

Detailed instructions for completing participants individual well-being assessments are available and discussion guide for breakouts after each video are also included.

More details on these programs are available by contacting Dan Krodel at or 317-236-1562.

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