Indiana March for Life Monday January 24, 2022










Contact Marc Tuttle or 

Eric Slaughter for details 


Vigil for Life Sunday January 23, 2022



Parking For Vigil and March for Life :

For the March for Life on January 24, 2022 : If you are coming by bus, parking is available at Victory Field for $15.00. You will pay upon arrival at the parking lot, but a spot has to be reserved a week before the event. Reserve your spot by Friday January 14, 2022. Contact Brie Anne Varick at or 317-236-1543 to reserve a spot for you bus.

World Wonders Garage: Accesible from Illinois Street or Maryland Street $3.00 -$22

Pam Am Parking Garage 201 South Capitol Avenue $8-$28

Moon Garage 26 W. Georgia Street $3-$22

Sun Garage 48 W. Maryland Street $3-$22

Plaza Park Garage 109 S. Capitol Avenue $10-$26

Court Street Garage 33 N Capitol $6-$22

For more downtown Indianapolis Parking Click Here

Street Meter Parking also available

Try the RED LINE - allow plenty of time !

If coming on a bus. Parking available at Indianapolis Indianas Overflow Parking Lot.








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